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Property Details - 650 Gilead Street

Address: 650 Gilead Street
Inventory Num: 171
Location: East side 0.3 north of Porter Road
Year Built: 1780 - 1820
Builder: Unknown
Style: Federal
Current Use: Residence

Notable Architectural Features:
Exterior This is a very odd, unusual gambrel, similar to the Champion House in Westchester in its having a wide front and high, narrow ends. The roof is steep, and has a wide, orverhanging cornice, very elaborate across the front. The mouldings are fine, making use of a delicate bead mould. The soffitt of the cornice has flat modillions. Jonathan Gillett lived here in 1812-24. Rev. D. Nichols owned in mid-19th century. Old clapboards. Doorway The door flanked by slightly tapered pilasters, with a semi-elliptical fanlight above is covered by a modern porch. Interior The one paneled room of any consequence was purchased for $5,000 for the Yale Gallery of Fine Arts. 13" cased summer beams. Doors are of raised panels, mostly six and eight - one of three. Straight stair, with diagonal square balusters in hall two-thirds way through the house.
(WPA Architectural Survey - ca. 1935 - # 22)
Date [built] (Source) c. 1740 (F. J. K.); c. 1776 (D. R.); 1720-60 (J. M. Phillips); 1760-80 (EDK); 1744 (C. D., from fact there are two Youngs houses on map of that date.) Rebuilt by Rev.Jonathan(sic) {Nathan} Gillett in 1811. Orig Owner Ephraim Youngs
(WPA Architectural Survey - ca. 1935 - # 22)

"A gambrel roof, center-hall, two chimney house, with extensions. This house is very impressive, in that it is three stories high and only one room deep. With its extensions, location and grounds, it is a house of great beauty."
(from Hebron, Ct: Hebron Historical Society booklet prepared for America's Bicentennial)
Rev. Nathan Gillett -Gilead minister from 1799-1824- later bought the house and had the roof raised to add bedrooms on the third floor. Rev. Charles Nichols -Gilead minister from 1825-1856- was another owner who added rooms to rear of house.
(M.A. Foote)
Ralph T. "Tracy" Hutchinson, an owner of the house, was Gilead Postmaster from 1859-1905, -- longest serving of any postmaster in the country- and located the PO in the ell of the house.
(M.A. Foote)